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Open Collaborative City Workspaces

OPEN Collaborative City Workspaces is a company that designs, builds and manages shared office space. Co working spaces are suitable for start ups as they cut down on costs drastically to ensure that entrepreneurs can focus on growing their businesses. OPEN has since rebranded to Workshop 17 with branches in Maboneng, Braamfontein, Sandton, in Gauteng and 4 branches in the Western Cape.  


Coworking Africa

The first Coworking Africa conference ever organized on the African continent, took place at Waterfront17 in Cape Town, South Africa, on July 23rd and 24th. About 75 people showed up, one third of the audience made the trip from outside South Africa, with delegates originating from more than 15 countries and 4 continents.

Global Enterprise, the OPEN and Cape Town Office partnered up to create the Coworking Africa conference2015, an insightful event to investigate the rise of Coworking in Africa, the impact this movement can have on entrepreneurship, innovation and, overall, on economical development.


Kim Potgieter is a director at Chartered Wealth Solutions. Her book Retiremeant looks holistically at all aspects of the person retiring – work, money, play, purpose, health, giving back, relationships and learning – and keeping these in balance for the best second half of life. This book is packed with practical exercises and anecdotes to help you discover that the real value of a plan is in merging your money with your life goals. As a financial planner, Kim realised that life planning combined with financial planning is the secret to a meaningful retirement.

Investong Group

Established by a group of fierce, innovative and skilled entrepreneurs back in 2006, InvesTong Group (Pty) Ltd is an investment company that has core interest in different sectors of the economy which are: Human Resource Management, Communications (Media / Advertising), Information Technology
& Construction.


JR Holdings

JR Holdings Pty Ltd is the management arm of the group of companies that Jason Roper has developed and created since his first company in 1991. Most all of the companies have been born out of Jason’s innovations, inventions and creative ideas. The group comprises of Africa Surge, Will Search, Mobi Magix, Trust Transaction Management, Quality Staff.


Africa Power Roundtable

The DLO Africa Power Roundtable is a platform that hosts various gatherings of government, key investors and stakeholders in Africa’s energy sector with the objective of encouraging investment in Africa’s Power sector.Now in its 8th year the platform has hosted a number of events in Africa and Europe and has had success in bringing together key sector players and stakeholders.With the growing interest of foreign investors in the growth potential of Africa’s power sector DLO Africa Power Roundtable will hold its inaugural meeting outside of the African continent. This gathering will bring together a delegation of various energy Ministers from key regions of the African continent, project developers and investors with the objective of creating awareness around investment opportunities in Africa’s energy market and addressing some of the challenges currently hindering investment.


Linda Mabhena Olagunju

Linda Olagunju is the founder and Managing Director of DLO Energy Resources (Pty) Ltd a wholly black female owned energy investment and advisory company with assets in the renewable energy and power sector in South Africa. She has extensive experience in the power sector both domestically and internationally having advised governments, developers and lenders in the power sector. In 2015 she was selected by ESI as one of the 50 Most Influential People in African Power. She is also the special adviser to the Minister of Energy in South Africa. She holds an LLB from UCT LLM from the University of Aberdeen and is an admitted attorney of the High Court of South Africa.


Boitumelo Mofikoe

Boitumelo Mofikoe is a Chartered Accountant by profession and has spent a number of years in Finance and Investment banking at Nedbank Capital and Macquarie. Mofikoe has extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, private equity, venture capital, equity, investment analysis, debt origination and wealth management. He has a strong business acumen and entrepreneurial flair.

He co-founded Impact Capital, a venture capital firm with a primary focus on impact investing. Boitumelo Mofikoe was the co founder and the Managing Director of My Growth Fund, a funding, incubation and strategic advisory boutique assisting entrepreneurs to build and grow sustainable businesses.



Splice collaboration with Trace Africa

Spice is a leading value added services group focusing on music solutions and has over 21 platforms deployed successfully across 18 operators in 12 African countries.

Southern Africa Startup Awards

Southern Africa Startup Awards is part of the Global Startup Awards, providing an annual spotlight to those who dare to dream big and shape the way our future will look.

Bringing together amazing ideas and best talents from 7 regions, 50+ countries across the globe to celebrate entrepreneurial spirit and startups. The competition process for finding the winners involves all aspects of a startup ecosystem by using a network of local ambassadors, country partners, national jury members, international jury members from entire globe as well as key advisors counting everyone from top investors, political stakeholders, founders and community builders.

Tumbo Scott

Tumbo Scott Incorporated is a well positioned 100% black, female, youth owned, Sandton based corporate and commercial law firm. The company provides a range of specialised corporate and commercial legal services to companies and individuals. Services offered are;


Due diligence, regulatory and compliance services; contract law (reviews and legal advice); litigation management and alternative dispute resolution; company secretarial services; director training and corporate governance workshops.


Constitutional law and constitutional litigation consulting; procurement and supply chain management consulting.


Legal opinions; initiating and chairing of disciplinary hearings; policy drafting; policy implementation; education and information workshops.


ULP Governance Workshops

Unleashing Leadership Potential (ULP) is leadership development program aspiring to contribute and promote leadership development, the general welfare of the community, together with youth involvement and participation. It was founded by Maurice Radebe, who is the Executive Vice President of Energy Business for Sasol Limited and the chairman of the South African Petroleum Industry Association. In the past two years South Africa has been rocked by corporate scandals and the exposure of high levels of bad corporate governance. Unleashing Leadership Potential (ULP) was created to instil and encourage integrity within young leaders. As such it is opportune and necessary to provide corporate governance training to ULP Leaders.

The aim is to raise and equip aspiring Leaders that will work together to eliminate the scourge of bad corporate governance in South Africa. 

PURPOSE: to train directors, senior managers, committee members, prescribed officers and company secretaries, of all ages and points in their career on director’s duties and good corporate governance principles.

OUTCOME: our cohorts will learn the fundamental requirements of being directors and young leaders of companies in order to add value to the organisations that they serve and will serve in the future.

Anti Aging Art

Anti-Aging Art is a Medical Aesthetic and Holistic Wellness Centre focusing on minimally invasive anti-aging and cosmetic treatments conveniently located in the heart of Houghton, Johannesburg.

Anti-Aging Art is managed by the dedicated and well-known duo of Dr. Reza and Dr. Elfrieda Fourie who are experienced in ​c​osmetic and a​esthetic anti-aging treatments and are supported by a staff of qualified therapists. The centre specializes in offering a full range of medical anti-ageing treatments including injectables, botulinum toxin, silhouette soft threadlifts, laser hair removal, dermapen, facial rejuvenation and skin resurfacing.


Luxuria Lifestyle South Africa

Luxuria Lifestyle International is one of the world’s leading luxury lifestyle e-magazine groups with offices strategically positioned around the world.

Luxuria Lifestyle provides an all-encompassing guide to the affluent lifestyle, including informative and interesting articles on the world’s most luxurious products and services, together with industry news, reviews, features, and exclusive business to consumer events for connoisseurs of luxury, corporate businesses and wealthy consumers from around the globe.

Breaking Down Borders Africa

The Breaking Down Borders Africa Initiative in a pan African platform led by African youth for the benefit of African youth. The initiative is inspired by the vision of creating an inclusive platform for African youth to collectively WRITE THE FUTURE of the continent, while promoting skills development and transfer amongst young African.

The Initiative sought to address gaps that hindered youth development work within the social and entrepreneurship landscape. Chief among them are:

  • The inability for African innovators to create lucrative careers from their talents and to gain access to international platforms, particularly on the African continent.
  • Lack of access for African youth to share expertise and skills across borders.
  • Lack of investment by Africans in Africa.

These identified challenges are what inspired the initiatives flagship programmes:

  • Breaking Down Borders Africa Tour: launched in 2016, the Breaking Down Borders Africa Tour is an exchange programme founded with the purpose of seeking youth collaborative opportunities, advocating for quality-accessible education and youth entrepreneurship while exploring the destination countries’ arts, heritage and tourism.
  • The Breaking Down Borders Africa Youth Summit – hosted annually with a view to bringing young leaders in different fields and professions together to share skills and experiences and collectively write the future of Africa on an inclusive platform. Thus far the summit has hosted close to 250 young leaders from 18 African countries who are trailblazers in education, entrepreneurship, socio-political movements and corporates and different fields.



The W collective launch at Word Economic Forum Africa

The W Collective Lounge is a dedicated space at conferences and companies where women connect, collaborate and catalyze change together. The lounge is a destination to meet and interact with industry leaders focused on creating the space to get to know one another, share experiences and learn. Our events will be in major cities across Africa including Lagos, Cape Town, Abidjan, Marrakech, and Kigali.

In Africa only 1 in 3 CEOS has gender diversity on their agenda. After reviewing the data we have seen that the number one issue impacting women in the workplace is the attitude towards women in the workplace We believe that by focusing on the demand and supply side of barriers to gaining a diversity dividend we can navigate the challenges and activate change in workplace culture. A unique function of the W Collective Lounges is to break with traditional conference culture to introduce lived experience into the room, sharing not just our theoretical perspectives on the topic, but what we have seen /done / tried and failed to do.


The Pegasus Vertical Business Jet (VBJ®) (Pegasus VBJ®) will be the first aircraft to provide true business jet performance coupled with helicopter convenience. The VBJ® will make point to point travel feasible with multiple innovations that make it safe and easy to fly. With the VBJ® one would be able to take off and land anywhere, whether it’s on a rooftop, a yacht, or a helipad – the possibilities are endless. In fact, Pegasus VBJ® is heralding a new era of point-to-point air travel.


YEEP Africa

The YEEP  Ideas & Pitch Challenge is organised in partnership with the United Nations Association of South Africa, University of Johannesburg.   as well as, Junior Achievers (South Africa), MRX Media (Kenya) , Empretec (Zimbabwe), Nest Hubs (Botswana) & Junior Achievers (Eswatini). 

This competition is open to young aspiring entrepreneurs interested in the following sectors: Tourism &Hospitality, Creative Industry, Food & Beverages, Technology & Online Business. Over three day’s you have the unique opportunity to strengthen your entrepreneurial skills by attending workshops & pitch preparation, interact with mentors & coaches, successful entrepreneurs, investors and other likeminded people! 

Fifty participants pitched for the R50,000 WL Entrepreneurial Seed Grant and additional prizes with various partners including six months mentorship & coaching.  The seed fund is used to assist aspiring startups to assess the viability of their idea, fund costs of product launch & early traction through marketing support. The WL Seed Grant has been provided by the Wendy  Luhabe Foundation to support a culture of entrepreneurship among Africa’s youth.

Thato Molamu Foundation

The Thato Molamu Foundation is a South African based non-profit organization, founded in 2012 – with the goal of having a measurable impact in the lives of under-resourced South Africans through healthcare, education and creative industries. One of its projects The Pink Golf Challenge campaign aims to interpose between the treatment discord by raising funds to support cancer patients without access to dignified care and treatment.


W Suite

The W-Suite platforms promotes the exchange of best practices, knowledge and expertise towards creating cultural changes that redefine the path to leadership for women and inclusivity in the workplace. Through dialogue, W-Suite provides a platform whereby all relevant stakeholders can engage on how we can collectively increase women’s influence on the Africa Union’s development programme (NEPAD) and towards the attainment of Agenda 2063, The Africa We Want.


Studex Group

StudEx is more than a trading platform that uses blockchain technology, it is an investment platform that places sustainable profits for its farmers and wildlife conservation at the centre. With a tokenized approach to breeding, allowing fractional ownership in a digital token of different animals, StudEx is the pioneering leader in its field. Studex CEO, Tumelo Ramaphosa holds a Masters Degree in International Business from Hult International Business School, San Francisco. He is the CEO and Founder of StudEX Wildlife, a cryptocurrency that facilitates a conservation investment platform. StudEX is registered in California with operations in South Africa, Dubai and Rwanda.


Foschini Beauty

Foschini Beauty is the go-to beauty platform for “authentic, rich, relevant”and trusted content, carefully curated for the beauty TRIBE. It’s principles are Education, Community, Diversity, The Beauty Authority – we will achieve this by also collaborating with beauty brands,creatives and content creators, Relatable, Back to Basics and Supporting Local.